Jelly Bean began rolling-out for Motorola RAZR i users in France a short while back. And as of today, the update has been announced for those in the UK. Those in the UK can expect the update to arrive as Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and should be on the lookout for an update notification to arrive on their handset.

While Motorola has made an official announcement, they didn’t offer much in terms of a timeframe. We do know that the update is available, and that it is coming in phases. What we have yet to see is how many phases there will be in total and when the update is set to arrive for all users. Regardless, those in the UK with a RAZR i have two options in front of them — sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive or take the pro-active route and check manually.

We suspect many will take the latter approach and if they have not already checked manually, they will be doing that really soon. However the update comes though, the features and perks will be the same. Many are familiar with what getting Jelly Bean means — three of the bigger perks include the Google Now, Google Voice Search and improved notifications.

Touching on the improved notifications, these basically mean you will now be able to take actions directly from the alert. For example, missed call notifications will allow you to return the call and meeting reminders will allow you to email those involved or snooze the alert for later. One maybe not so obvious notification tip is that you can expand them by pinching out with two fingers. Of course, Jelly Bean also comes with Project Butter which just adds a smoothness to Jelly Bean.

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[via Motorola]