Motorola RAZR 5G Foldable Phone Launch

It was only yesterday when we mentioned the new Moto RAZR 5G would be coming to T-Mobile. Motorola has officially made the announcement that the 5G version of the phone is ready with its stylish flip design and ultra-fast connectivity. It reminds you of the old school Razr but it’s now more advanced when it comes to features and function. The flip smartphone is a foldable phone that is very pocketable yet offers advanced smartphone features. It comes with a Quick View display on the outside when folded so you can see important information at a glance.

The Motorola foldable phone’s Quick View display lets you read and reply to messages, access apps, and make video calls even when the phone is closed or folded. Motorola heard the feedback of the consumers to improve on the first Razr. The new-gen Razr phone now comes with 5G so you can enjoy super-fast Internet connection all the time.

Motorola has updated the gesture navigation on the Razr 5G. It still runs on Android 10 but may be updated to Android 11 once available. A quick swipe up or swipe right will bring you to the home screen or launch the camera. To make a call or text to your contacts, simply swipe left.

Quick View also includes a full keyboard where you can send replies to messages via smart reply or speech-to-text. For drivers, feel free to use the turn-by-turn navigation provided by Google Maps. The Motorola RAZR 5G phone comes with NFC so you can easily pay with Google Pay and share data with other NFC-enabled devices.

The Moto RAZR 5G comes equipped with a 6.2-inch OLED Flex View display, 2142 x 876 pixel resolution, 21:9 CinemaVision aspect ratio, Quick View front display, 48MP and 20MP cameras, 2800 mAh battery, 256GB onboard storage, 8GB RAM, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. There is no expandable memory but that’s okay because with 5G, you can easily and quickly store everything on the cloud.

T-Mobile lists the Motorola razr 5G with a $1,399.99 price tag. Choose between the Polished Graphite and Blush Gold color variants. A Liquid Mercury version is also available from Motorola.