The Motorola Milestone, the international version of the original Droid, is getting some update love. Except, well, they’re not. Before we get to the bad news, take a gander at what the update was supposed to fix. Stabilization and improvement of the device’s overall performance. It fixes force closing issues, bug fixes for the alarm, random reboots, and improved music player functionality with enhancements to the device’s audio quality. Also, they have tweaked the proximity sensor to be more accurate during calls to prevent the screen from staying on while you are on the call.

Additionally, PIN Lock improvements have been made so there will be more flexibility in setting the lock timer when you are using Exchange email. Airplane mode’s performance has also been improved to make sure your phone will picks a signal back up when turning the feature off. And lastly, Google Maps has been fixed on their “My Location” feature. We’d love to say that all of this good stuff is, as of right now, rolling out to Motorola Milestone owners, but it looks like it’s just a tease. Motorola pulled the update soon after launching it, due to some bugs that they found in the release. So . . . More waiting. Android 2.2 has to be looking even better now.

[via Phandroid]