Why Motorola? Why? That is the first thing that came into my mind when reading news of a DROID Bionic 2 this afternoon. While this could very well be a mistake, the source that it comes from leads us to believe it is true, and that Motorola might actually be making a successor to one of their biggest flops of the past 6 months.

For those that have ever had to replace a smartphone after an accidental drop or problem, Asurion is who Verizon uses for their insurance and replacement program. Today the folks at Droid-Life spotted the Motorola DROID Bionic 2 in the Asurion open enrollment forms for people signing up and seeking replacements. Maybe they can delay this phone 6 months and have 8 design changes then release it with a slew of bugs needing to be fixed like they did the first one – just a thought.

Now obviously this could be a mistake. Verizon also recently started selling the DROID Bionic for $100 less than the original model, only the cheaper one does not come with a 16GB micro-SD card. Could this be the way Asurion decided to label it, if so someone wasn’t thinking clearly.

What do you guys think? Is Verizon and Motorola prepared to release a Bionic 2 this summer, and if so, would you buy it?


  1. I have a Bionic and will never get another Moto phone. I had a Droid X before this one that I had to root in order to make it work. I don’t want to wait possibly a year after ICS came out to get a bloatware infested OS that will already be behind the next Android. Not to mention the fact that the Bionic can’t keep a data connection without dropping it for 30 seconds randomly throughout the day.

    Moto makes decent hardware but has terrible programmers.

    • i agree, my data drops constantly and so ive had to switch to wifi, which it hardly ever connects too. HTC needs to hurry and release the HTC butterfly in the US. Ive never complained about my HTC Thunderbolt, best phone ive ever owned

  2. I honestly would not be opposed to a new bionic. I just don’t think it will do so well because of the Razr variants. I, personally, am looking at getting either the Fighter or the Blade (whatever it’s called) because my contract is up and I don’t know how long I can hold out. I’ll just buy the next one at full price (but, it WILL have a quad-core processor xD).

    • Don’t look for quad core till late this year. They (phone makers) can’t get it to play nice with the LTE chip set so they’re going with the snap dragon S4 CPU for now.

  3. What’s up with this reviewer’s Droid Bionic hatred? I LOVE my DROID BIONIC… and the Lapdock accessory kicks ass, too! It definitely deserves an encore… I’d buy it. 

  4. i just ordered one but i dont know what it look like they said that the one i got is on back order so they are give me the droid bionic 2 i just want to know if all of my accessories will work on it. Is it the same.

  5. well, its apparant the idiot that wrote this article didnt do his homework, and most likely doesnt like the bionic. little does the idiot know that wrote this article the droid bionic is one of verizons top sellers, i know this cause i work for verizon corporate. this writer should be fired.

  6. I agree they have good hardware but thier progrmmers are suspect. The over all problem with Moto is Managment from CEO on down.  My 9 year old son could do a better job.

  7. I love my Bionic. It eats Iphone 4s’ for breakfast. It has everything i need and does everything I need it to. If a newer variation of the Bionic comes out, I will get one. I don’t care much for the Razr. Never have. I’ve had plenty hands-on experience with the Razr and found it choppy at times, where my Bionic is oh sooooo smoooothe!

  8. I gotta say, im a proud bionic owner and i find this article insulting…. The bionic is an awsome phone in my opinion and i couldnt disagree more with this article. I hope they do make a bionic 2!

    • update or no update havent had a problem with the bionic since ive had it, the only reason people call it a “flop” is because the razr was released mere weeks after the bionic. this phone is great and probably the best phone i have ever had…everyone i know who own one loves it..i would love to see a bionic 2

  9. Asurion  doesn’t send SD cards with replacements so lack of an SD card would not be a reason to change the model name.

  10. I disagree with this article. I too love my bionic. Have only had a few of the issues that were reported and updates fixed them. I paid full price for it on launch day and still feel like I got a good deal. I am rooted and have run every rom available for this beast. It is a very sturdy and heavy duty phone. Getting this phone for free right now is an amazing deal. Do not be thrown by this article. If author got two bad bionics than that’s too bad. Every smart phone has lemons. Mine has been a very solid reliable phone.

  11. I have to agree as well. I have a Bionic day one. With only a few minor issues which were fix right away I have been very happy with the Bionic. The HTC Thunderbolt that I had before was only good as a door stop. So I don’t know what this guy is talking about but he must be an IPhone user.

  12. I loved my droid bionic as well. I say loved because I dropped it down a flight of steps yesterday. the phone is understandably ruined, but I just went through asurion and was told they are sending me a Droid Bionic 2, the rep made it clear to me that the Droid Bionic is no longer in stock, but my UPGRADED model will be available for the same deductible. The phone is shipping over night, and I am very interested what comes in the box.

  13. I used to work at a Verizon Premium Retailer, before I started working for a corporate, and people were coming in half a year asking about the Bionic because they heard a rumor online. They wanted to upgrade everyone in the family at one time with all bionics. They had two college kids. I wish it had come out on that day I would have had a good check. People were begging for this phone. We would sell out in one day which was easy because we were a VPR so they didn’t give us more than 5 at a time.

  14. The DROID Bionic is my first smartphone, and it’s still kicking and I have no issues with mine. I worked at an Indirect Verizon store briefly and found it wrong that I had apparently bought the only one we had in stock. With all the issues the Razr and Razr Maxx have, I would NEVER buy one. Insurance or not, it is NOT worth the price paid for it. Screw the Bionic haters. If there is indeed an upgrade to a Version. 2. I want it lol

  15. First of all, don’t call the Bionic one of the “biggest flops of the past 6 months.” I have it, and couldn’t be happier with it. Please keep your opinions to yourself next time!!!!!!!

  16. my first phone was the Droid Bionic I loved it. It was the first duel core and I thought it ran great and still does to everybody out there that has something negative to say about the Droid Bionic your stupid because it was and still is one of the best phones to come out if you disagree go look online and see what it is still rated you’ll be shocked so don’t dis it and I would love to upgrade to the Droid Bionic 2 bring it on I’m ready for it


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