Motorola One Power Android 9 Pie Update

As early as June, we’ve been interested in the Motorola One and Motorola One Power as the two are the latest smartphones launched with the Motorola branding. It’s not Moto or Lenovo but Motorola. These two were unveiled last month running on Android One but we’ve always been curious when the pair will get a slice of the Android 9 Pie OS. We’re expecting early next year but looks like the Motorola team is making important changes by releasing Android 9 earlier.

The two run on Android One which means security updates will be provided every month. That is one advantage of Android One and so the next rollout may already include Android Pie. The idea is further strengthened when Motorola Product Manager Abhisek Kumar said during the public launch in India earlier this week, soak test registrations for Android Pie will open next month.

One of Motorola’s requirements for Android One is regular software updates and we can look forward to the Android 9 Developer Preview. There is no official release date given but it will definitely be October.

Motorola One Power running Android One based on Android 9 Pie is happening soon. Just before 2018 ends, that new Motorola phone will get its share of the pie it deserves.



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