Two Motorola Android phones are getting a taste of the Pie. Android 9 is finally coming to both Motorola One and Motorola One Power. The software update has just been announced by the company that is now owned by Lenovo. The Motorola brand is still alive and we believe Lenovo has every intention to give the mobile devices the software update they deserve. As with most upgrades, this one delivers a number of new improvements and features to the Motorola devices.

Android 9.0 Pie delivers enhancements and fixes previously discovered. It adds the latest Intuitive Navigation and Recent App and better Do Not Disturb mode. Battery life is longer while the settings menu is more colorful. The split screen has also been improved.

Android Pie made the volume controls simpler while the Quick Settings has been redesigned. Managing notifications is easier now too.

Other improvements include new navigation gestures, Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, Rotation Key, Dual SIM settings, improved audio controls, and better screenshots.

The new and updated emoji is included while zoom in text is more efficient. You may also notice a number of UI changes. When it comes to notifications, there are some changes in dismissing and managing notifications and the notification bar.

Other notable enhancements can also be noticed on performance, power efficiency, Background App provacy, Bluetooth, WiFi optimization, security, data encryption, DNS over TLS support, and HTTPs by default.

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