After AI cameras, OEMs are working on to add night visions. Google already has the Night Sight while Samsung has the Bright Night mode. Huawei also has a special night mode feature. Motorola wants to get in on the game by adding Night Vision. This new camera mode is said to be added to the Moto G7 Plus and the Motorola One Vision. We’re expecting other Motorola phones like the Motorola One, Motorola Action, and Motorola One Power will also follow. Master leakster Evan Blass just listed the four Motorola smartphones without any information but the post could be related.

XDA developers are usually first when it comes to details about upcoming improvements. It just shared info about the latest Motorola devices, saying the 2018 phones will get important enhancements this year.

The Motorola RAZR phone is said to boast a quad camera system which could indicate it’s going the premium flagship direction. Motorola only competes within the mid-range category but it could very well challenge the premium smartphone business.

The Motorola One Vision is yet to be unveiled but it is expected to come with premium specs. When it comes to software, the device may come with a new camera app or mode known as the “Night Vision”. This suggests better performance in low-light conditions. You see, low light photography isn’t always a priority but the industry may be pushing in that direction.

These new features are expected to be added to the latest Motorola One phones, as well, as the Moto G7 series. Portrait relighting effects could also be added to the slew of new camera features. At the moment, the portrait mode only comes with Studio, Sunshine, Color pop, Noir, Side, and Stage effects.

Aside from Night Vision and additional effects, Motorola is believed to be also working on a ‘long exposure’ feature. This bit of information can be exciting because it means Motorola is really getting serious with mobile photography.