By now, chances are you already enjoyed those 3 video ads from Korea about the MOTOROI by Motorola. If you like Korea’s first Android 2.0 handset, then you might be happy to know that it is coming to America sooner rather then later.

According to the Korea Herald, there’s a great chance that Motorola’s new Android handset will make it to the US. First hint came from Rick Wolochatiuk, president and representative director of Motorola Korea, who said: “The product will be launched in other markets around the world.”

Also, at a press conference Bae Joon-dong Senior Vice President of SK Telecom said: “The MOTOROI is a different model from the Droid, (Motorola’s Android smartphone launched in the United States), and it will be launched in the United States around March”. So what do you think, would you wait until March to get this handset?


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