Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has shared some rather interesting numbers, revealing that its manufacturing facility near Dallas, Texas has been shipping out 100,000 Motorola Moto X smartphones weekly. This could be a positive sign for the company as it tries to go head to head with rivals Apple and Samsung.

It has been barely more than a month since Motorola unveiled its flagship, so 100,000 units a week still comes below an impressive 1 million figure. Still, the company is banking on its “made-in-the-USA” slogan and customization options, allowing users to choose the design of their Moto X, to boost the device’s popularity and sales beyond the current numbers. The Moto X is definitely not lacking in interesting features, which you can read about in our review here.

That comes at a price, costing Motorola almost three times more in labor costs than they would have paid for if the phones were manufactured in China just like most smartphones. However, the company is able to offset this by making the phones in the US, reducing logistics and shipping costs, as well as providing faster delivery, sometimes reaching buyers in just four days.

There is one caveat to this seemingly impressive number, though. Motorola declined to comment how many of those shipped units have actually already been sold to consumers, or how many are custom-made orders versus standard design models sold through carriers. We’ll just have to give Motorola the benefit of the doubt when it says that customized Moto X orders represent a substantial amount and that they are selling the phones at a profit.

SOURCE: Reuters