We’ve already reported that the Motorola Moto X will soon be available on Google Play Store, but there has been some speculation as to what form that Moto X will take. Now we have word that the device that will be sold through the Play Store will not be the usual Google Play Edition but will be an unmodified Moto X.

Normally, a Google Play Edition of a smartphone runs a stock Android image. It is stripped of all customization added by the manufacturer as well as by carriers. This lets users enjoy a “pure” Android experience on the same hardware, without the unwanted feature bloat. There is also the added advantage of getting Android updates directly from Google much earlier than other devices.

It seems that the Moto X will be a special case. It will be shipping with exactly the same software that is found on models sold through carriers, perhaps minus carrier-specific apps. It makes sense on some level considering that the Moto X, which was developed directly under Google’s supervision, has very little modifications built on top of stock Android. Aside from things like active display notifications, always-on voice control, and flick gestures to launch the camera, there isn’t really much to strip away.

This might be a sweet deal if you’ve been won over by the Moto X’s “Context Ecosystem” features but don’t want any other bloat. We still have no new information regarding the availability of the Moto X Google Play Edition, if you could still call it that. There are also no pricing details yet, though, based on other Google Play Edition prices, we speculate it will be somewhere in between on-contract and off-contract prices offered by carriers.

VIA: phoneArena