Motorola has quietly extended the Moto X sale. This was made known by way of the Motorola website with a simple mention of how the “sweet deal” had been extended. But perhaps a bit more important, this means a contract-free Moto X can be purchased for as little as $329.99. That would be the 16GB model.

The 32GB model, as well as the Developer Edition will both be selling for $379.99. With that having been said, Motorola has extended the price through February 22nd. We wouldn’t necessarily count on seeing another extension, but at the same time, everyone had been told this sale would becoming to a close as of today, February 14th.


The discounted pricing applies to the Moto Maker customized models, though, the wooden backs still come at a bit of a premium. The wooden-backed Moto X, now available in bamboo, ebony, teak and walnut, are all an additional $25. Aside from the wood backs, users can choose from a variety of back colors, and between black or white for the front.

Other customization options for the Moto X include choosing an accent color (for the volume rocker, power button and ring around the camera), as well as a signature engraved on the back. Users also have an option to add a “power on” message, which will show during the boot process. Bottom line here, if you were in the position of hoping to score a discounted Moto X, but needing a few extra days to secure the necessary cash — you are now in luck.