Want to watch movies, listen to music, & download digital content all right from your Android device anywhere you go. Hopefully soon you can with Motorola. Motorola Mobility, through its strategic investment arm Motorola Mobility Ventures, today announced a strategic investment in Catch Media Inc., the award-winning provider of a patented licensed digital rights locker platform called: Play Anywhere®.

Catch Media explains the Play Anywhere system guarantees consumers “their content collection & services” where and when they want them at the touch of a button regardless of the device or the vendor from which the content was acquired. This all sounds great and I sure hope Motorola and Catch Media can come up with something great for Android, and in a timely manner. The Play Anywhere & Music Anywhere service is expected to fully roll out in the U.S. early 2011. In case anyone wasn’t aware. This is all a cloud based service. This ties in nicely with Motorola’s acquisition of Zecter which is also a cloud based company that offers something called Zumodrive. It is a very similar product to Dropbox and allows access to data on the go from multiple devices. Hopefully between Zecter, Zumodrive, and now Catch Media, Motorola has some excited things and technology in store for all of us on the Android train.

[via Motorola]



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