Wearable tech is not just limited to a smartwatch or a fitness band. It now ranges from what you hear on your head, in your ear, on your wrist, and sometimes even what you put on your pet. Motorola Mobility is introducing a whole new lone of wearables, and it doesn’t even obviously carries the Moto name, for one reason or another. The new accessories line is called VerveLife and it includes several earphones, a camera for the active lifestyle, and yes, even a dog GPS collar.

Three different kinds of earphones are where we will start first. The most promising is The VerveOnes, one of the few honest to goodness wireless Bluetooth headphones. You don’t have anything to keep your left and right earbuds attached so it is literally wireless. But it doesn’t mean it’s not powerful enough though. You get 12 hours of battery life, a mic so you can take calls, and a protective charging case. If you get the VerveOnes+ you get a device that is IP57 certified, plus 3 more pairs of ear gels and of course a better sport carry case.


The VerveLoop looks more traditional with the presence of wires and has IPX4 certification, 6 hours of battery life, 3 ear gels, 3 stabilizers and also an integrated mic. The VerveLoop+ gets upgraded to IPX7 and has twice the battery life at 12 hours. The VerveRider meanwhile is a bulkier headset that can go on for 12 hours in one charge and also has an integrated mic. The VerveRider+ has IP57 certification, 4 ear gels, and a sports carry case.



Meanwhile, the VerveCam is their own version of the GoPro and is a great recorder for your active lifestyle. You can stream live video on it through Hubble Cloud or YouTube. It can record at 2.5K at 30 frames per second, and includes WiFi integration as well as several apps for editing, different recording modes and other accessories. Probably the weirdest in the whole VerveLife line is VerveRetrieve which is basically a GPS collar for your pet. Pricing and availability for all of these products aren’t available yet but you can sign up in their newsletter to keep updated.



SOURCE: VerveLife