Bad news for Motorola Milestone users. Apparently, Motorola are still undecided on whether or not they should bring Android 2.2 (Froyo) to the Motorola Milestone. The marketing director of the Motorola European region, James King, states that Motorola has yet to make final decision on whether they will be offering Froyo to their users.

James King himself also made quite a speech about this matter. He said that over the past few days the decision about Froyo to Milestone has been under major discussion, with his team collecting key pieces of information and views from Motorola forum community over the last month. James himself claimed that he has pushed Motorola to make a decision as soon as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that Froyo is never going to come, just that it could be further off in the future than we expected it to be.

[via phandroid]