As Android continues to make its way to every carrier on every continent, sometimes it’s not the biggest named, or highest-profile device that makes its debut for a particular carrier. In the case of Wind Mobile, word that the Milestone XT720 from Motorola would be launching on the network has come and gone for a little while now, but thanks to a sneaked image of internal training, where the XT720 is obviously showcased, we can safely say the phone is coming.

Wind Mobile’s first Android outing, the Huawei U8100, wasn’t the huge Android device that everyone wanted (or expected), so to see the XT720 making its presence known is very good. Word has it that the Milestone-named variant will be launching some time by the end of September, but there’s no kind of confirmation on that quite yet. Pricing is missing, too, but that’s no surprise at all. But, hey, if you’re on Wind Mobile right now, at least you know it’s coming, so your Android offering is about to get a lot more worthwhile.

[via IntoMobile]