We could call this a good deal right? The original Motorola DROID also known as the Milestone brings back some good ol Android memories for many. This device may be a dying breed with all the 4.0″ screens and dual-core processors these days but if you love some original DROID and a keyboard this is a pretty solid deal and worth a quick shout if you ask me.

This here is a brand new, fully unlocked and contract free Motorola Milestone for only $189. If I saw this deal about 18 months ago I would have lost it and bought three. In today’s high-powered Android smartphone world this is more of a novelty device than anything. I know there are still thousands of users still rocking the OG DROID — and many are probably finally ready for an upgrade and are awaiting that Galaxy Nexus.

This is a bit different than the original DROID from Verizon. The Milestone is the GSM packing European brother to the Verizon edition but is basically identical. So no, you can’t buy this and hope to use it here in the states on Verizon but for all others this is actually a fairly decent deal — I suppose. If a 600 MHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, QWERTY keyboard and a Motorola phone absent of their “Blur” UI interests you then this would make a perfect phone. Get in while the deal is still available. Have fun!

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[via Daily Steals]