Motorola has updated their Migrate app to make it easier for some of us to switch. The app, which now supports iOS transfers, marks an important step for those iFans who want to give Android a shot. It also reminds us all that Google really, really wants iOS users to jump on the Android train.

 When you want a new phone, one of the minor annoyance used to be transferring data. Carriers used to (and still do, in some instances) have to hook your device up to a machine that transferred everything from your old device to your new one. It was clunky, and often failed, leaving you with some or none of the data you needed. For Android or iOS users, that no longer matters, as we’re backed up by the respective parent company’s cloud.

When it came to switching from one to another, though, things weren’t as easy. If you were (or are…) really tucked into the Apple ecosystem, it can be tough to wiggle your way out. Now, if you use iCloud backup, Motorola’s Migrate app will be able to snatch your contact and calendar info, and put it on your new Android device.

We should say this doesn’t work with all Android devices. It’s left to Motorola’s newest, like the Moto X and Moto G. The DROID devices are also available for this, but when it comes to Verizon, we almost want to go for the nostalgia and have them hook it up to that machine behind the counter.