Motorola began offering financing options for smartphone purchases several months earlier. At the time those looking to make a purchase were being tempted with zero down and zero interest offers, but essentially the Motorola option was just like signing up for any other credit card offer.

Taking that last thought a step further, it now looks like Motorola is getting ready to boost the setup with extra perks and benefits. Details are just beginning to take shape, and so far what we are seeing comes courtesy of a few Droid-Life tipsters. It seems there are a few surveys being sent out to members of the credit program. The survey is your standard question and answer type with the options ranging from very likely to don’t know.

More to the point, these appear to be lining things up for everything from free shipping, to extra Google Drive storage and Google Play gift cards. There was also mention of a “Loyalty Bonus” for those who “stayed loyal to the brand for 12 months.”

Of these two surveys, one points more to a Rewards Program with the other being an “Elite” benefits package. Further details on the Elite package look to include a “modest” monthly charge which could later be used for benefits including the possibility of a free phone. On the other hand, the reward program looks like it will be free and more similar to other credit card reward options.

As this is still in the random survey stage — we aren’t sure when (or if) any of this will be added to the credit program.

VIA: Droid-Life