The Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona is still a few weeks away, but already some OEMs are hinting at what they will be unveiling at the exhibition. One of the earlier invitations out the door is Lenovo’s, or more specifically, Motorola, which the former acquired around three years ago. They haven’t exactly announced what it is that they’ll be launching during the event but speculation is that it will be a mid-range device or even some new Moto Mods for their Moto Z phones.

There really aren’t any hints in the invitations they sent out to the press. It just shows a nondescript Moto phone whose shadow is the famous Barcelona church, Sagrada Familia (just in case we don’t remember that the MWC will be held in the Spanish city). The invitation just states “hellomoto” plus the date and venue of the event, no cryptic clues as to what the press event is all about, unless the church itself is a clue to the product they will be unveiling.

It’s probably going to be the unveiling of a mid-range device, most likely in the G series. The higher-end Motorola devices are usually reserved for later in the year and we haven’t heard any rumor that would suggest they would suddenly move the schedule up. But it can also be the launch of new Moto Mods or accessories that can be modularly attached to the Moto Z smartphones. Lenovo is expected to release around 12 this year so they may get a head start.

The Lenovo/Moto event is scheduled for February 26, a day ahead of the start of the MWC which is happening on February 27 – March 2. We’ll probably hear more rumors and leaks in the weeks leading up to it.