If you need a dongle to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your car’s infotainment system, the Motorola MA1 has been recently announced. It is a plug-and-play adapter that will integrate your Android phone to Android Auto without needing a USB adapter. So while driving, all you have to do is say “Hey Google” so you can concentrate on the road and let your digital assistant do all the work. While the company is owned by Lenovo, the device is part of the Motorola Sound brand which includes earbuds, headphones, headbands, and wireless speakers.

The Motorola MA1 will make it easier for users to wirelessly connect to USB-enabled Android Auto vehicles as it does it wirelessly instead of using wires. Once connected, you can ask Google Assistant to help to send and read messages, control media playback, and of course, get directions to where you’re going. You are not supposed to touch your device while driving so built-in infotainment systems like Android Auto should help you be safer.

The dongle gives you fast media transmission, specifically 5 GHz WiFi for wireless Android Auto. It removes the extra step of attaching your phone whenever you get into your car so you can access your messaging, navigation, and media apps. The adapter can be directly plugged into existing USB-enabled Android Auto vehicles wirelessly. The Motorola MA1 has “fast automatic connection” if you use Bluetooth and comes in a lightweight, sleek design, basically like a black puck with the familiar batwing logo from Motorola and wordmark at the top.

Setting up the dongle is pretty easy. Plug in the MA1 adapter into your car’s existing Android Auto-enabled USB port. Then all you need to do is pair your smartphone to the MA1 adapter using Bluetooth connection. That’s it. You can now enjoy all the Android Auto features that your car infotainment system has and all that the Google Assistant can do for you without needing to touch your smartphone. It’s the perfect accessory for cars that don’t have the factory-supplied technology that lets them experience wireless connection.

The Motorola MA1 will be available through the Motorola Sound website and retailers nationwide starting January 28, 2022. It is priced at $89.95.


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