Want more Motorola MOTOBLUR-drenched handsets? How about one that’s already been showcased around these parts? Well, good. Because here’s the M511, or better known ’round here as the FlipOut. And, it’s a welcomed addition to the already strong Motorola Android lineage within China right now, like the Backflip and XT800. And while the FlipOut is available right now in Europe, it’s still missing here in the States. So, looks like we got skipped, ladies and gentlemen. (Is that a bad thing?)

The M511 (for the record, we actually like that title more than FlipOut) is running Android 2.1 at launch, and it’s covered in MOTOBLUR. As you can see in the image, it has a full physical QWERTY keyboard that you access by spinning the top-half of the phone. And, added specifically for the Chinese launch, the M511 features Sina, which is the largest infotainment website in China.

As usual, it features 3G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm audio jack. It also rocks WAPI. There’s a 3MP camera on the back, an integrated FM radio, and a microSD card slot for expandable memory (up to 32GB). Considering it’s already the end of July, if you’re in China you should expect to see this little guy in stores right now. So, if you’re interested, go pick it up.

Press Release

Powered by Android 2.1 intelligent systems, built-in enhanced MOTOBLUR ™ and Sina microblogging client, “TRENDS MOTO fashion ME511 flip side” to create stylish social Daren

July 30, 2010

June 30, 2010, Shanghai – the world leader in mobile communications, Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today jointly Fashion Media Group in the U.S. Pavilion World Expo 2010 Shanghai launched its latest series of smart phones Android – “TRENDS MOTO Fashion ME511 side flip. ” This co-customized products are the industry’s first design using the box lateral rotation Android smart phones, pocket size, easy to carry, built-in enhanced MOTOBLUR (MOTO Bo contact TM) and Sina microblogging applications for this ” box powder “beautiful transform into your” social treasure box. ” No matter when and where, whether you are concerned or concerned about your fashion ME511 always make you the foresight to know that other people do not know, in your own round of lobbying in person to be a fashion social reach.

This “flip side” smart phone has enhanced MOTOBLUR ™ (MOTO Bo contact TM), which can effectively achieve real-time network aggregation, simultaneous contacts, and maintain real-time interaction. Meanwhile, the fashion ME511 is Motorola’s first built-in micro-Sina Bo MOTO Special Edition smartphone client. ME511 has a stylish 2.8-inch wide touch screen design, box appearance, lovely and delicate. Roll open QWERTY full keyboard of 45 keys, including separate numeric keypad, enter the number directly without having to switch to a more fluid consistency spelling input, so that fashion ME511 immediately became a charm of your palm. Moreover, it supports as many as seven individual custom home screen, real-time updated social status, and with variety of Colorful shell. Commercial activities, whether formal, social party or outdoor activities, unique fashion ME511 allow you to quickly attract a huge audience.

Motorola senior vice president and Greater China Mobile Terminal Business Unit, President Mr. Meng Pu, said: “This ‘TRENDS MOTO fashion ME511 side flip’ style social intelligence, and the introduction of mobile phones we are very excited and fully reflects the user experience based on the design of Motorola concept and our field of smart phones and mobile Internet leadership. fashion ME511 intelligent systems using the new Android 2.1, built-in enhanced MOTOBLUR and Sina microblogging clients, can achieve a more comprehensive social networking feature that lets users have real-time online Internet extraordinary interactive experience. The sleek, square design allows users to truly ‘palm’ control, collection and optimize their lives, social and information. ”

The enhanced version of MOTOBLUR ™ is based on Motorola’s Android 2.1 platform polymerization of a new generation of interactive mobile Internet applications, designed to make mobile phones more personal and to achieve social intelligence. MOTOBLUR ™ (MOTO Bo contact TM) is the industry’s first to contact, new thing, text messages, photos and more content to keep pace, and automatically pushed to your phone the main screen of innovative mobile Internet experience – currently supports fun Network (Kaixin001.com), all net (Renren.com) and social networking sites such as 51.com and Netease mail, Sina mail, Tencent Mail and other mainstream domestic mail service. “TRENDS MOTO fashion ME511 flip side,” combines an enhanced version of MOTOBLUR ™ (MOTO Bo contact TM), powerful features, easy control of the pocket-sized design makes information exchange easier. Any updates online, including the friend status, short messages, the most stunning locations and the latest gossip fashion tide etc, and can be freely added to the customized mobile phone user personalized home screen.

“Fashion ME511 flip side” to support 3G/WAPI/WIFI ^ high-speed Internet, and supports GPS navigation functions #, so you sell very network, comfortable travel. Meanwhile, Motorola’s intellectual parts to you fast access to massive park application software and application plug-in, ready to download * update your fashion social treasure box.

Little Powder roll a perfect collision of gorgeous fashion transfiguration Technology

Fashion ME511 Motorola smartphone is combined with the fashion media group launched the cross-border products. Products sold in the form of joint title, the phone is also integrated into the design of many modern elements, including the built-in multimedia content, wallpapers, etc.. In addition, Motorola and fashion media groups have joined forces in China’s major social networking Web sites, including the happy network, all network and Sina and other micro-Bo, start MOTO fashion broadcast mission staff recruitment and selection and other online activities. “MOTO Fashionable News studio” by MOTO Media Group jointly organized with the fashion, the initial recruitment of 16 “MOTO fashion broadcast mission members” personally participated in fashion media group behind its 16 magazine editors, personal visits to stars, celebrities, Teochew The Hyun news interesting and smart phones with the new MOTO – TRENDS MOTO fashion ME511, at any time to broadcast the major SNS sites and micro-blog site “MOTO Fashionable News studio” exclusive platform. Which one of the best mission performance live, you will finally be signed Trends Media Group Distinguished as the special of fashion, become the envy of everyone lucky, always keeping up with fashion trend information. Others live, and participated in forwarding users are expected to receive a variety of exquisite gift. In addition, Motorola will by Sina and other social microblogging platform to launch more “social up” online promotion, so that more young people have the opportunity to experience the fashion ME511 side flip off the “small box, big fashion . ”

In the conference site, Motorola Mobile Devices business in Greater China market, Miss Wang Xin, vice president of operations, said: “The cross-border cooperation is a perfect collision of technology and fashion. In the smart 3G and mobile Internet era, the fashion industry and the technology industry are fast integration of this unique cooperation we are looking forward to. fashion ME511 is a set of form, function and fashion trends in one phone, I believe that fashion ME511 listed among young people in China will set off a new round fashion social unrest. ”

Fashion Media Group representative, “Rob Report” and “FHM” implementation of the publishing editor of the thin horse, said: “We are very pleased with the global leader in mobile communications, Motorola has such depth of cooperation. This ‘flip side’ The stylish appearance and superior social function and fashion media group for the fashion and social life coincides with a positive attitude. We also hope that the launch of cross-border cooperation ‘TRENDS MOTO fashion ME511 side somersault’ allow more young up of people who become fashionable social, mobile social networking to create a new life. ”

On the day of the presence of artists were also invited Qian Yu Siyuan, and 10000 as the “MOTO fashion broadcast mission members,” the selection of assessment. Yu Siyuan, said: “In fact, fashion and technology in our lives everyone is everywhere, and fashion influences our lives, technology is changing our mode of thinking has narrowed the distance between man and man. ‘MOTO Fashionable News studio ‘provides us with an entirely new platform, everyone can place in them, I hope we all can be added to this event and, through this most Technology Application to express their own fashion point of view. ”

Fashion ME511 main features:

• “fashion” phone input method, and phrase association functions, easy to enter the latest round of lobbying fashion vocabulary • 45 key industry-leading real QWERTY keyboard, including an independent numeric keypad, PC input fluid level consistent spelling • Open new smart Android 2.1 platform, massive application of any download *
• enhanced MOTOBLURTM (MOTO Bo contact TM), real-time network aggregation, exciting upgrade to share • Motorola’s first built-in micro-Sina Bo client • variety of color covers the smart phone, Seiko metal screw cap joint, dazzling Xpress touch control • Fashion Group’s exclusive tailored the original shell, enjoy the fashion experience • 3G/WAPI/WIFI ^ high-speed Internet, GPS service #, Cheong Hang • RMVB video broadcast networks are, without conversion, mass series carry an ※

Other functions and features include:

• 2.8 inch full touch screen, supports multi-touch • cooperation with the Fashion Media Group, a joint boot screen LOGO, built-in mobile phone fashion tailor-made group and desktop wallpaper, fashion web bookmarks and video • Users can freely configurable personalized home page 7 with screen time to support 3D image gallery function and location information with photos • Preset powerful data flow traffic management, network traffic clear, intelligent battery management control • Preset function, strong performance and high efficiency energy-saving • Intelligent control of mobile phone calls when the only action you can turn to silent mode, Caller ID display • gravity sensor attribution and electronic compass, to support a variety of cool mobile applications • Preset Quickoffice software directly browse Word, such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint file formats • Powerful firewall function calls and text messages will be shut out nuisance calls and text messages ※
• dual microphone noise Mo Tuoli second generation technology, intelligent noise reduction, clearer calls • 310-megapixel autofocus camera, a powerful photo editing features, and has Kodak image optimization technology • Support up to 32GB Micro-SD expansion card • MOTO parts wise garden, providing mass wonderful application, download the update at any time *
• support self-optimization services • Upgrade phone supports video recording playback / streaming media, support for RMVB, H.264, MPEG4 and WMV v9 and other video formats • 3.5 毫米 OMTP standard wired headphone jack, support for AAC, AAC +, AAC + enhanced version, AMR NB, MP3 and WMA and other audio formats • USB2.0 high speed data transfer • Support for Bluetooth and Bluetooth stereo headphones • FM Radio &

Market situation

From July 2010 from late that this section “TRENDS MOTO fashion ME511 flip side” will be authorized dealers across the country began selling Motorola, the first listing of bright pink color and joy orange. New listing will be awarded during the promotion period from the Fashion Media Group carefully orchestrated fashion promotion spree included more colors original color covers and practical mobile phone accessories.

About Motorola Motorola is constant innovation in the communications field is known in the world, focused on providing advanced technology to connect the world. From the broadband communications infrastructure, enterprise mobility and public safety solutions, to high definition video and mobile terminals, Motorola is leading the next round of innovation, people, businesses and governments to link more to close, more convenient. Motorola’s 2009 sales of 22 billion U.S. dollars. For more information, please visit www.motorola.com.cn .

Fashion on the Fashion Group, Media Group (formerly the fashion magazine) was born in 1993, is the largest media groups in high-grade journal. The business covers a wide range, in book editing, publishing, advertising, printing, distribution, and so set up integration line scale operation. In particular is a “global vision, local consciousness” business philosophy, so many famous magazines with international copyright cooperation, and expand cooperation and exchanges in the “fashion” brand, fully own local authority’s cooperation in foreign magazines and magazine Gong Tong growth, complement each other, so that fashion industry Media Group as a unique representative of China Journal. Fashion Media Group now has: “Fashion COSMOPOLITAN”, “Esquire”, “home fashion” “Fashion tourism”, “Fashion health • President,” “Fashion Health • Men,” “Fashion BAZAAR”, “Fashion Ballet Sa • Men, “” National Geographic “,” Fashion time “,” Good Housekeeping “,” fashion car “,” FHM “,” Rob Report “,” fashion bride “and fashion books and fashion, CMP • Network www.trends.com.cn , fashion men’s network www.trendsmen.com , excellent card network www.yoka.com . For more information, please visit www.trends.com.cn .

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# Network services to network operators need to launch data services office, would have a traffic charges.
^ WAPI / WIFI wireless local area network support required
% Use would have a traffic charge, the specific criteria please refer to service provider charges.
& Be used with headphones.

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