Motorola has officially launched the PRIP push-to-talk service for US-based Android users. This launch is being done in conjunction with NII Holdings and means instant connections between all PRIP users. While the US launch happened today, the service had been available for those in Mexico, Brazil and Latin America. PRIP will work regardless of the carrier and will run on devices with Android 2.3 or later.

Additionally, PRIP is set-up to connect using a cellular or WiFi connection. While all this sounds good so far, there is one catch that may turn some users away — the price. PRIP allows for unlimited calling between users, however it does comes with a $7.99 monthly subscription. For a limited time, new users will be able to get the first month for free.

Sticking on the topic of price, while not free, it does certainly sound less expensive when compared to other international calling options. Plus, there seems to be a perk in the bit about this being push-to-talk with instant connections. Otherwise, the PRIP app also allows for individual and group conversations as well as what is being called “guaranteed talk.”

This basically means that you will know the person is listening even before you begin talking. In addition, the PRIP app doesn’t include any advertisements and will automatically import your contacts during the set-up process. The other point here goes back to how this service is available for a wide variety of users.

You have wide support for Android devices in a wide variety of countries. And if the Android support isn’t enough, PRIP has promised support for the iPhone as well. That support hasn’t arrived yet and we have yet to see a date, but basically, if you happen to have some iPhone carrying friends you can rest assured in knowing they will soon be part of your PRIP push-to-talk network.

SOURCE: Yahoo!, Google Play Store