Who wants to turn their Android-powered smartphone into a little netbook for the ultimate multimedia experience? While the thought of Motorola’s Lapdock hasn’t taken off in the market like they expected, it is an awesome add-on for anyone looking for additional options. Today 1SaleADay has the DROID Bionic specific lapdock on sale for just $79.99 — a pretty great deal if you ask me.

It might not be the best laptop around but it is thin, sleek, lightweight, has an 11.6″ screen and will turn that Bionic into a pretty powerful desktop-mode device. The Motorola Lapdock also has an additional battery inside that will not only last for 8-10 hours, but charges your Bionic while it’s docked too. We cover it in depth during our Bionic review linked to below.

The deal is for today only, and ends in 8 hours so you better hurry and decide if you’d like one. This is for a brand new unit, not refurbished so it’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Head to 1SaleAday.com from the link below and get yours today.

A quick note, this is NOT the new universal Lapdock 100 or 500, this is the older dock that will only work with the DROID Bionic. I’m sure you could modify it for others but out of the box only the Bionic can enjoy this accessory.

[via 1SaleADay] — Thanks DJ


  1. anyone looking for an outter box for their droid bionic i have one for sale if interested and also a battery for droid bionic as well


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