The Motorola Jordan is a name we’ve seen before, but new details are starting to find their way into the mainstream. Thanks to an unnamed source speaking with Boy Genius Report, it looks like the still unannounced device is getting ready for a November launch, and it’s coming with a few “rugged” features. According to the source, it sounds like the Jordan might be the T-Mobile response to Sprint’s Motorola i1.

The Jordan name is just a codename for the moment, and there’s no telling whether or not T-Mobile or Motorola will stick to the title when the phone does finally get announced, or launched. What makes the Jordan stand out isn’t so much the name, or that it’s waterproof. No, we’ve seen waterproof phones before. The Jordan stands out because, apparently, it can be completely submerged up to 10 meters (or about 33 feet), and still function. So, dropping it in your toilet won’t be much of an issue, nor will your swimming pool. The device is also IP67 certified, which means it’s also dust “resistant,” too. Anyone in the market for a new rugged phone?

[via Boy Genius Report]