If you’re not swayed by the various unlocked superphones flying around on GSM networks and want something decidedly mid-range, you might want to check out Motorola’s latest offerings. The 4-inch MOTOLUXE and 3.2-inch DEFY MINI will be making their way to China, Europe and Latin America in February, with prices to satisfy the most enthusiastic of penny-pinchers. Too bad they didn’t say what those prices are.

The MOTOLUXE it the more luxurious of the two models, with a 4-inch screen with Motorola’s favorite non-standard 854×480 resolution. The handset is admirrably but not shockingly thin at 9.8mm, with an edge-to-edge glass display and a notification light built in to the nifty strap loop underneath the standard capacitive navigation buttons. An 8 megapixel rear camera plus a front-facing cam are complimented by a 1400mAh battery, which Motorola rates at 6.5 hours. an 800Mhz CPU and 512MB of RAM should run Gingerbread well enough. 1GB of internal storage isn’t much, but you can augment it with a MicroSD card.

The diminutive DEFY MINI is built for those who want a tough phone in a small package. Gorilla Glass protects a 480 x 320 3.2-inch screen, set into a body 12.6mm thick. A 3MP rear camera is nothing to write home about, but it does have a front-facing camera (not always a given on phones this small) and a commendably large 1650mAh battery. Processor speed isn’t detailed, but 600-800Mhz is likely, and it’s paired to 512MB of RAM. Gingerbread is the flavor of the day as far as Android goes.

You can check out Motorola’s promotional videos for both phones below: