Remember this square shaped ugly little fellow? Yes, it’s real and it’s coming soon. The original story behind the leaked photo of this device had us all calling Photoshop. Turns out this are an actual device so maybe the story was real. If so there may be one less employee in the Motorola camp.

So if you’re not familiar with the story behind this phone. Some guy let his son take the prototype to school and he in turn let one of friends borrow it that then took pictures of it and leaked them on the internet. This story was so farfetched most of us believed it to be a fake. Then, a few days pass and this article shows up which made it a little more valid. Those of us that were skeptical now know that we were wrong and this device is indeed real and it’s coming soon.

This square shaped handset is called the FlipOut by Motorola. It features a screen that flips to the side kind of sidekickish. It will be an Android 2.1 device with MOTOBLUR. The initial specs actually aren’t that bad for a low-end device. It will come in a few different colors as well.

* 3.1 MP camera
* 2.8 “display
* 512 ROM
* 256 MB RAM
* 700 MHz processor

[via mobilecrunch]