Yes, you read that right, many dare not to believe, but according to a survey from YouGov’s BrandIndex, that’s exactly what’s going on as of lately. YouGov is a market research agency founded in May 2000, it uses the Internet and information technology to collect “higher-quality in-depth data for market research and public consultation.”

Either the Motorola DROID advertising campaign was very successful, or was frightening enough to have this effect on men 18+. At least that’s what the survey shows, as you can see on the image above. Now how exactly does YouGov measure all this? Well, we are not sure, but below is how they try to explained it:

BrandIndex is a daily measure of public perception of 850 consumer brands across 34 sectors, measured on a 7-point profile: general impression, ‘buzz’, quality, value, corporate reputation, customer satisfaction and whether respondents would recommend the brand to a friend.

Oh, okay, so pretty easy right? Right…Okay, so there you have it folks, whether you believe this or not, the truth is that, Android is here to stay, and the latest smartphones sporting the free OS from Google are cool, especially the Motorola DROID. So maybe there is truth on this, and now many people are loyal to Motorola not just for the DROID but also the CLIQ. And not just them, but all of us expect more and better devices from Motorola now.

[Via Engadget]