This month we have tons of exciting news coming up. Motorola has more than one announcement coming and we could be seeing an awesome edge-to-edge smartphone with nearly no bezel. With Motorola set to announce two or so new devices Wednesday in New York, then Amazon this looks to be an exciting week. Then next week Motorola has another announcement along with Intel that has the rumor mills churning.

Motorola and Intel are set to unveil a brand new smartphone which will obviously be powered by Intel’s own Medfield mobile processor and we’ve seen various reports and leaks confirming exactly that. The stir however is the casual way in which they are sending out invites stating “Let us take you to the EDGE”

Combine that with Bloomberg’s recent reports that Motorola has prepared a new smartphone with nearly zero bezel around the screen, making it have an edge-to-edge display this all makes sense. Pair that with the awesome image above thanks to Android Police we are all a little excited to see what they might announce.

According to the leakster this new device was running a newer version of Android and will be making its way to Verizon Wireless with 4G LTE this year. While the Intel announcement is later this month the source also said the joint event September 5th with Verizon will be its US debut along side the DROID RAZR HD and a few other recently leaked Motorola smartphones. If they indeed announce 3 smartphones for Verizon all in one week things will be getting pretty hectic.

I’d love to see an edge-to-edge Android 4.1 Jelly Bean smartphone before the end of the year, so hopefully Motorola and Google can make it happen. Thoughts?

[via SlashGear]