The folks from Motorola are having a pretty fun time making fun of the competition with their new line of “Lazy Phone” ad spots on TV and all over YouTube. Essentially showing off all of the important and excellent features of their new Moto X smartphone. We mentioned a few earlier this week, but this morning one of the best ones yet was just released.

Instead of highlighting the improved notification system, voice actions with Google Now, and everything else that sets the Moto X apart from “lazy phones” today we’re getting a look at customization. You know who those people are. The ones that put glitter, stickers, and all sorts of ridiculousness all over their smartphone.

Well, there’s no reason to be lazy with accessories on a smartphone anymore. With the Moto X you can customize the color, accents, wallpaper and more all with the Moto Maker website. Although as you all already know, this is currently only available for AT&T, but it coming soon to Verizon. Motorola is making fun of those stickers and accessories, while touting the 2000 different color options for the Moto X.

You need to watch to the very very end, that’s the best part. Actor TJ Miller sure makes these commercials pretty darn funny. With AT&T and T-Mobile currently fighting with their Next and JUMP upgrade commercials, and Samsung doing their thing, this is a refreshing and comedic change of pace from Motorola. I’m a big fan, and hope they continue.

Who bought a shiny new Moto X smartphone? As long as Motorola doesn’t offer glittery pink colors in the future, this ad will continue to be hilarious.