Motorola has the popular Droid lineup that keeps getting better and better. With phones like the Droid, Droid2, the X, and now the Bionic on its way. They are all good phones but other than the Atrix Motorola hasn’t shed much light on future phones and specs. Usually benchmarks don’t give tons of information but we’ve recently found a story about a Droid X running some benchmark software that showed some unusual specs. A dual-core Tegra 2 and a high-res qHD display instead of the usual 854×480. Interesting news.

Our friends over at pocketnow have shared a little bit of details of what sounds like the upcoming Droid X2. Earlier in the year we mentioned it very well might ship with the specs mentioned above, you can read about that here, then later confirmed the Droid X2 with Tegra 2 . So what do these benchmarks tell us? Nothing new really, except that this phone is real and is coming. My guess would be pretty soon, maybe summer.

Either way this is good news for you Motorola, or Verizon users as more options, especially ones with dual-cores is always a good thing. The biggest issue for me would be that locked bootloader it is like 99% most likely to ship with. That is the biggest con in my book. For now hang tight and we will update you as more news about the Droid X2 comes in.

[via PocketNow]