With the Motorola Droid X2 recently being updated to Gingerbread users might be a little cautious with flashing custom ROM’s or anything else that may potentially cause issues for the phone. In case you don’t know SBF files will save your handset and bring it back to stock life if you mess it up while tweaking or hacking it.

Thanks to a man over at XDA the SBF files for the Android 2.3 Gingerbread build on the Droid X2 are now available. You might not need this now, but I’d download it in case you need to restore or save your device in the future. You never know when that CM7 build you just flashed was accidentally something else and jacks up your phone and will need the SBF files to save it.

So next time you need to bring your Droid X2 running Gingerbread back to its factory state you’ll be able to using these files. As always make sure to use caution when flashing anything especially on recent Motorola phones. For more details on how to actually use SBF files make sure you check out XDA and ask any questions should you need to.

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[via XDA]