We have good news today for those of you still rocking the DROID X2, or even the QWERTY slider Motorola DROID 3. Well this is sort of good news. The phones aren’t getting Ice Cream Sandwich, but updates are starting to roll out for both of the popular DROID handsets today.

According to the folks at Droid-Life Motorola has sent invites for software testing, better known as “soak tests” for both phones and those signing up have already started to see the updates appear on their phones. The DROID X2 saw an OTA update earlier this year so most likely the changes will be quite small for that phone. The DROID 3 on the other hand should be getting a sizable update that should address any outstanding bugs or issues.

Currently these are going out to testers only, and aren’t ready for the masses yet. Usually once the public starts seeing the tests the actual updates from Verizon and Motorola aren’t too far away, so expect some updates here soon. Once Verizon officially details the updates on their support pages we’ll be sure and confirm any and all changes and improvements.