Well, fancy that. If you’ve got a Droid X, or if you’ve heard about the issues with Exchange 2003 (and ActiveSync, and Exchange in general…), then you know that Motorola’s hard at work at the problem. They say they are, anyway. And, despite the fact a new update just released, and didn’t feature the fix to the problem, we figured that Android 2.2 would be the update to bring it around. Sure enough, a Motorola rep has just responded to a thread on Motorola’s site, about Exchange, and verified the truth.

Android 2.2 is apparently on an “early September” launch release date. It’s Motorola, though, so we’ll go ahead and keep this as a tentative thing for now. Sure, it’s a date, but yeah, it doesn’t mean anything until we actually get the update. Even if the Droid’s update to Android 2.2 is any indication, we can expect things to get confusing by the end of August.

[via Engadget]