This is getting ridiculous. Just last night we had a couple different articles detailing, in some way or another, a Droid X here and there running Android 2.2, or Froyo. And, sure enough, here’s another one. The only difference with this one, is there’s a good chance that this one’s a test build running on a test unit. Not a big difference, but it’s still different.

As the story goes, someone purchased a Droid X on eBay. When they got it, and started playing around with it, they noticed something was off. Digging through the settings (not that you have to go very far), they noticed that their shiny new toy was actually running Android 2.2, and not the version everyone else is. Well, you can imagine he’s pretty pleased. As for the rest of us? While we still wait for our official update (next week?), we get a whole bunch of pictures. So, go ahead and check them out below in the gallery. Anyone else thinking this is definitely right around the corner for all of us?

[via Droid-Life]