Owners of the original Motorola DROID have another update coming their way. This basic maintenance update is not 2.3 like we would hope, but it brings some improvements that we definitely can appreciate.

The update will be pushed to a select group of testers over the next 24 hours and if everything goes as planned, remaining users should expect to see the update in a few days.

The update’s build is FRG830 and brings in a new Gmail interface, updates to the News and Weather widget, as well as Exchange improvements.

Change Log


  • Updated Twitter application with new authentication support
  • Updated Amazon widget
  • Updated News & Weather widget
  • Improvements to Exchange ActiveSync:
    • Handles server-side inactivity timeouts of 34 minutes or greater
    • Continues to sync emails after a policy refresh
    • Support for Exchange 2010 connections


  • Added new Gmail user interface

For step-by-step instruction on how to download and update to FRG830, visit VerizonWireless.com/droidsupport.

[Via Verizon]


  1. This is very nice and all, but with gingerbread out, why not just update to that instead? Being a more updated version of the OS, it should already have all of these improvements, right? Why provide a small update like this when there is a better version out there that will further increase the performance of the phone even though its not the latest and the greatest anymore?


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