Motorola and Verizon’s new DROID RAZR HD was announced earlier this month, but sadly we didn’t get any sort of release date. Motorola simply stated it would arrive “before the holidays.” Today however we might have a better idea of what to expect regarding when Motorola’s new flagship smartphone will arrive for the US.

Previous rumors pegged an early October release date and now we are hearing the same thing today. An official Motorola press release is making the rounds for the international Motorola RAZR HD stating availability will be “from October.”

We aren’t sure if that means starting October 1st the RAZR HD will be available, or if we can just expect the smartphone to arrive in the month of October. For now Verizon and Motorola haven’t said a word but most likely we’ll also see the Verizon DROID RAZR HD launch around the same time frame.

Usually Motorola has favored Verizon with their release dates and launches and we are expecting the same this time around with their new RAZR HD. We got some hands-on with the smartphones during their announcement earlier this month and you can check those out below. Stay tuned as we’ll be hearing from Motorola and or Verizon soon enough.

[via Droid-Life]