Motorola makes some great hardware and we all know that. Sadly almost all of them with the DROID RAZR included are extremely locked down and don’t give the end user many options for modding or running custom ROM’s. This is nothing new from Motorola and I won’t even get into the fact that they claimed to be changing this policy. Either way we now have another victory and ClockworkMod recovery is now available on the RAZR.

There seems to be a bit of confusion here as we’ve heard reports that this has been around for a while but simply wasn’t widely known — that is possibly because everyone was so focused on the Galaxy Nexus. None of that really matters though because we now have a fully working bootstrap method to get clockworkmod recovery on the DROID RAZR. With backups and restores seemingly working great the next step is ROM’s, tweaks, and more.

Either way we’d like to thank nitroglycerine33 and J.Y.Daddy from XDA for making this available. Obviously Motorola hardware and bootloaders are a iffy subject — and dangerous dark waters so be sure and use some caution if this concerns you and you decide to flash the recovery. All the details and download files are available at the via below. Proceed with caution fellow RAZR owners.

[via XDA]