If sober black, flashy white and flamboyant purple aren’t enough for you, then perhaps something a little more conservative will convince you to buy a new Motorola DROID RAZR. Yet another hue was spotted in a Verizon internal website, indicating that the blue version of the phone would be coming out on May 18th for $149.99, on contract of course. That’ll make the DROID RAZR the most color-varied smartphone out there at the moment.

This rapid succession of multiple colors appropriately echoes the original RAZR flip phone: when the expensive and flashy phone was first available you could get it in any color you wanted, so long as you wanted silver. Later a handful of colors were available on multiple carriers, with hit pink being a particularly popular option. It looks like Motorola and Verizon are taking a similar approach with this generation’s fashion phone flagship.

This isn’t a guarantee of availability, so temper your excitement if a robin’s egg blue phone is what you’ve been waiting on for years. But considering the previous releases and the lower profile that the DROID RAZR has received since the MAXX was introduced, it’s a pretty even bet that we’ll see this one eventually. The lower price hopefully indicates that we’ll be seeing the DROID RAZR HD sooner rather than later.

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[via androidcentral]