Motorola is all set to roll out another update to the DROID RAZR starting today. Not only that but the same exact update will also be landing on the new DROID RAZR MAXX since they are essentially the same phone — only one has a bigger battery. They both run the same software and will both be receiving an update today as detailed by Verizon. More information and change log available after the break.

While this is not Ice Cream Sandwich it will bring the devices up to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The build number will be 6.12.173 and the update is around 151MB in size, so it might take more than a minute or two to complete. It is nice to see Verizon and Motorola confirming these devices run on the exact same software, this should make development easier for the new MAXX. Provided in the gallery below are both of the change logs for those interested.

From the details below we can see Motorola has introduced tons of stability, performance, and bug fixes. As with most updates that always makes the list so we won’t continue on that. Some of the important bits are the fact that WiFi hotspot issues have been resolved and all users should be able to use the connection now. Verizon has updated a few widgets, VCast, Visual Voicemail and other bloatware items.

Our tipster mentions there are a few improvements to the overall user interface although we see no reports on that here from Verizon. They’ve also resolved some low-signal 4G issues and mention near the bottom that 4G LTE performance should be increased, as well as better batter life. The update should be rolling out any time now so feel free to start checking for updates by going to menu > about phone > check for updates. Shout in the comment section below should you have any issues or notice anything major. Enjoy!

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[via Verizon]