As most, if not all of you might remember, Bloomberg reported that the DROID by Motorola sold roughly 100,000 DROID handset units during its first weekend of been launched. Now, we get word that this Motorola smartphone is leading the Android handsets (Droid, myTouch 3G, G1 and HTC Hero) in volume downloads.

This is not a surprising statement, most of us knew from the get-go that the DROID by Motorola was heading to be a success. Data from Flurry Media, a mobile analytics company based in San Francisco, said the following:

* Droid application downloads increased by 93 percent over previous Fridays in December.
* Droid accounted for 48 percent of download volume across the leading Android handsets (Droid, myTouch 3G, G1 and HTC Hero).

As you can see on the graph above; the DROID shows 49 %, and Flurry said 48 %, probably a small error, but still, it is a huge difference when compare to the other Android handsets on that graph. The graph below shows you the download growth on Christmas day, again; no surprise, the DROID by Motorola had the biggest numbers. Are you happy you got the Motorola DROID?