The guys over at have done something that many people will hate to do to a brand new phone. But hey, many others want to know what makes their new toy tick. Well, this time was the DROID’s turn to be on the operation table.

Of course there are many who will say sacrilege to this, but many others will say thanks, its all on the eyes of the beholder. The truth is that, most of the famous devices always get some type of surgery. The Verizon DROID by Motorola was taken apart so we can all see what makes it tick.

By the comments of the folks over at phonewreck, getting the Motorola DROID open was not an easy task. And apparently, Motorola was very sneaky by placing a screw underneath the google label and camera lens cover. So taking this DROID apart was pretty difficult, which speaks high of the quality build of this new Motorola device.

And if you were wondering about the sliding mechanism, well, they said that the DROID’s sliding keyboard is the simplest they’ve ever seen. According to them, this “mechanism is essentially just two rails that are imbedded within the screen portion of the device”. Well, simple or not, the good news is that it does its job just fine.