Considering everything we’ve been hearing about the upcoming devices from Motorola, from the Droid X to the Droid 2, it’s no surprise to us that we’re seeing Verizon Wireless take the next logical step: mark down prices. While the current iteration of the DROID is still doing ridiculously well for itself, when you’re about to make some room for what’s coming next, the only thing you really can do is drop the price of what’s already available.

What you shouldn’t expect, though, is a huge price drop. After seven months of being available, the DROID has finally dropped $50. You heard that right, the flagship Android device from Motorola is now $149.99 on a new, two-year contract. If you order it from the wireless carrier’s website, you won’t have to worry about a mail-in rebate, and we’re curious as to what Verizon Corporate stores, as well as third-party retailers, are doing for that mail-in part. $50 now? That wouldn’t be too bad at all. Big question of the day, now though, is: when is Verizon going to officially announce what’s coming next? Anyone want to take a guess?

[via Verizon Wireless]