One of the greatest parts of Android 2.2, is the fact that both WiFi and USB tethering are included in the software upgrade. That’s only one of the great parts, mind you — but it was still something that people were looking forward to. Unfortunately, if you’re eagerly awaiting that Froyo upgrade set to launch some time this week for your original Droid, you’ll be sad to hear that, apparently, it doesn’t have the hardware to do those things.

That’s the official word from Verizon, it seems. Thanks to Phone Scoop, who spoke with a Verizon spokesperson, we can confirm that the Droid doesn’t have the hardware to run WiFi tethering. And, as for USB tethering, there’s reportedly no connection on the PC side that supports it. So, that’s not an option, either. As for the OTA update that’s supposed to start this week? They’re doing what they normally: a small test group will get the update first, and when that checks out, they will begin rolling it out to the rest of the Droid owners out there.

So what do you think? Do you believe the story from Verizon, despite the fact that there’s plenty of folks out there utilizing WiFi tether and USB tethering on their Droid right now? You be the judge, and let us know in the comments.

[via Phone Scoop]