It has only been about a week since Verizon and Motorola pushed that huge software update to the DROID Bionic that was set to fix the large list of problems, bugs, and camera issues that users were having and today they are continuing the fun. Another large update coming in around 56MB in size is rolling out to DROID Bionic users as we speak according to Droid Forums. We’ve been looking for more details but Verizon’s keeping tight lipped on the update.

This latest over the air update that we don’t know much about will bring the Bionic to build 5.9.901 and searching for a changelog hasn’t been successful. A few users from our source link have claimed the update will kill root, and will prevent further root methods from working for those that like to tinker. If you run with a completely stock phone and don’t need root access then feel free to update away and share any changes or thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Other than plenty of bloatware being added with this update, not much else is known at the moment but we will continue to search for more details. Many are also reporting they have not lost root privileges so this should be an update at your own risk type situation. Hopefully this update addresses a few issues the last update did not, and I’m sure further camera improvements would be much appreciated.

As usual you can wait for the update or get it started right now by heading into settings > about phone > check for updates. Let us know if you run into any problems or this update brings about new issues in the process. More details on past updates and problems can be found in our timeline below.

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[via Droidforums]