In other exciting news this Friday morning we have more of that illusive and hard to find DROID Bionic. No really, this thing has been leaked more than a few times but today we have a pretty in depth video showing all sorts of good stuff for you guys. We saw it on a blurry video a few days ago, but today its clear and gives us a pretty lengthy rundown of the device and software.

This time around we get a nice view of the entire Moto Blur UI changes to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, we see some new live wallpapers, speedtest results and more so I’ll go ahead and drop the video below for everyone to check out.

The leak gives us a nice look at all of the pre-installed applications and in case you guys didn’t notice there seems to be a small bug in the homescreen jump feature clearly shown in the video. We’ve seen recent leaked photos of the Bionic getting OTA updates so maybe they are still making some final touches. This late you’d think all the bugs have been worked out since its been like 4 months or so.

Obviously I’d love an untouched and pure Google 2.3.4 Gingerbread experience but that wont be happening anytime soon. Overall the Blur UI looked pretty impressive and like Motorola is finally getting things down as it was smooth and responsive from watching the video. Here’s the official teaser trailer from Verizon for you guys to check out too.

[via YouTube]