There’s a reason we’ve included “maybe” up there in the title. We’ve gotten a few emails from folks telling us that those rumors floating around, that the original Motorola Droid had managed to find its way back into stock on Verizon’s website are actually true. Furthermore, we’ve also heard that the Droid Incredible, manufactured by HTC and plagued by AMOLED touchscreen shortages, has actually reached “in-stock” status, too. Well, a quick visit to Verizon’s site doesn’t necessarily say the same thing.

First, the original Motorola Droid. We can’t find it on the site. We’ve done a search, and we’ve tried to go through the normal listing of devices. We can find the Motorola Droid X and Motorola Droid 2 just fine, but the original Droid is nowhere to be found. It would have been much more confusing to see that the device had, indeed, managed to find an extra life somewhere out there, but we don’t imagine Verizon’s going to be bringing it back any time soon. Even if it does have Android 2.2. (Have you received your OTA yet?) That’s not saying they can’t, or won’t. We’re just saying it’d be pretty interesting — and exciting.

As for the Droid Incredible, which has been marred with a pretty much constant shortage of AMOLED touchscreen displays since its launch, seems to be right on track to be considered “back in stock.” Interestingly enough, we can say that yesterday, late at night, Verizon’s site did indeed say that the Incredible would ship by August 16th. But, now that we’re on the 17th, as of this writing the site now says August 18th. So yes, that’s pretty much negligible, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s plenty of devices waiting in the wings, set to launch to all of those hungry Droid Incredible fans. It also doesn’t mean retail stores will begin getting them in stock, either. That number could always get pushed back again. So, as of right now, we’ll list both these devices as a “maybe,” until we get some other data confirming one way or another.

[via Android Central; via Verizon]