We don’t really know when the Motorola DROID 4 will hit the market for Verizon customers but original leaks suggested a mid December launch that was pushed back at the last minute. Nothing was confirmed so we can’t say for sure. Either way we are still waiting and would love to get our hands on one. In the meantime it appears our friends from TechnoBuffalo were able to do just that — but with a dummy unit that will probably be on store shelves soon.

There really isn’t anything we don’t know about this device except for the release date. We’ve seen plenty of leaks and pictures and even a leak of the full specification sheet so nothing should come as a surprise. This RAZR with a keyboard looks good every time we see it although I have no use for that hardware keyboard personally.

Obviously with a built-in QWERTY hardware keyboard it wont be as thin as many others including its RAZR brother but I was hoping for something a little thinner. You can clearly see the micro-USB and hdmi ports on the image above that will make this play nicely with the recently released Motorola Lapdocks that are available. Since this hasn’t launched yet we have a feeling we’ll be seeing it a few times at CES and expect it to launch late January or early February.

Do you still want a hardware keyboard on your smartphone, and will you be getting the DROID 4?

[via TechnoBuffalo]