The Motorola DROID 4 QWERTY keyboard slider has only been available for a few days and was just released late last week. Thanks to those awesome developers it appears that we already have a full root method for the device, as well as a script to make the entire process simple for those looking for a little root access.

We recently reviewed the new DROID 4 from Motorola and our full thoughts and pictures are linked to below. Got Root? Because the method is freely available now and we have all the details. Thanks to Dan Rosenberg and the folks at MyDroidWorld for the below method. Originally Dan was looking for some supporters to donate and get him a Droid 4 but we are hearing he’s now donated the entire bounty to the American Red Cross. Support our developers guys!

The exploit is actually quite easy and all it takes is a simple file to be downloaded and a script ran and you’ll be rooted in no time. Most likely we’ll see a 1-click-root method from XDA shortly but for now this will work just fine. All it takes is a Windows PC. Download the file, unzip, and run and you’re good to go. All the details along with the download and donate links are available from the source link below. Enjoy that root access on your shiny new DROID 4.

DROID 4 Root Download

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