It looks like the RAZR isn’t the only Moto phone set to get an update this week. The Motorola DROID 4 QWERTY slider is also getting updated according to Verizon. Being the first OTA update for the DROID 4 you can expect mainly bug fixes at this point — and no Ice Cream Sandwich just yet but that should be coming eventually. Read on for more details on the update.

The update was just detailed over on and explains what to expect with this update to build 6.13.219 rolling out this week. Being the first update for the D4 we have bug fixes, but some were needed so lets run through them. You’ll get WiFi improvements, much better battery life, and fixes to sound issues on bluetooth — especially that loud end call tone it would let out.

Other improvements include tweaks to the backlit QWERTY keyboard. The main changes are to the sensor so the backlight will only come on when the device needs it, another function that should help improve battery life. Then the update includes some new MotoCAST widgets that will be on your homescreen on the new software. Usually updates start within a few days of Verizon posting the details, but it appears this is already rolling out so check for updates and you’ll be enjoying the latest from Motorola.

Sadly this isn’t Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yet, but then none of Moto’s phones have received it officially either. We are still expecting that for most newer phones in the next 4-8 weeks but your guess is as good as mine on the DROID 4 at this point. Let us know how the update goes.

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