Earlier in the week we mentioned the Droid 3 was set to receive an OTA update starting sometime soon. Now Verizon has made it official and posted up the details and support docs for us over at Verizon Support. According to information the Droid 3 OTA update is in the “soak test” stage and will be ready soon.

Like we have seen many times before, and assuming the soak test goes well we should see this update rolled out officially to the masses within the next week or so. If they spot any bugs it may get delayed so we will have to wait and see. The biggest benefit seems to be full support for Google Voice video chat because the Droid 3 does run on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, as well as some battery improvements.

As well as the few updates mentioned above you can see plenty more in the image thanks to Verizon. Some of the notable updates include streaming of the Verizon Wireless NFL Mobile app (didn’t know that was an issue), GoToMeeting now works with the Droid 3, and a few bug fixes to the Swype keyboard that comes pre-installed. We also see many other improvements and bug fixes as well as upgrades to call quality so this should be a decent update for all your D3 users.

Again this is just getting started but should start hitting devices as early as sometime next week.

[via Verizon Support]